What is ATS®

Tribal Style have evolved from both Egyptian Cabaret and the folkloric dances of North Africa

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American Tribal Style® 4 Hour Intensive | ABC’s of Tribal! | Follow the Leader ~ Lead the Follower. | and More ...

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Performances & Classes

Tribal Belly Dance is known for its improvisational style. Our troupe is recognized for it’s beautifully colored layered ethnic costuming and exciting interaction between the dancers.

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American Tribal Style® ATS®
Belly Dance with Certified Instructor
Dana Johnson

American Tribal Style® Belly Dance ATS® is an exciting earthy dance with beautiful layered costumes. A vocabulary of dance steps are taught with subtle cues. There are leaders and followers. The leader gives cues for the steps and the followers follow to create an improvisation dance. No Choreography required! This style is for anyone. It does not matter your age, size, shape or even 2 Left feet. We are open to whomever has a desire to learn. Have fun, express your creativity, make friends, build your self confidence and body image while becoming more physically fit.

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