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Our class schedule can change so please check the Google Calendar or Facebook Page for *UPDATES* or Cancellations.
Monday- 6pm  Fundamentals- Level 1 ATS – Beginner Class.  On Going Class. Start at any Time.
Monday- 7pm-  Strength & Conditioning Fitness
Wednesday- 6:00pm – Level 3 Combinations & Performance Class
Wednesday- 7:00pm- Level 2 Combinations
Wednesday -8:00pm Fundamentals- Level 1 ATS – Beginner Class. On Going Class. Start at any Time.
Please come to your 1st class 5 minutes early to fill out your New Dancer Paperwork. Questions? 805-242-1646
• Classes $15.00/ Drop-In’s Welcome.
• Taking 1 Class a week -Monthly $50
*Taking 2 Classes a week- $80 monthly
• Private lessons are available & start at $30 hour.
Studio -Boise Belly Dance Company
7233 Potomac Rd, Boise, Idaho
Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement. (yoga clothing, leggings, work out clothes) You can wear a short skirt over leggings, add a hip scarf, belt or sash. Make sure it is something that allows me to see your body alignment and knees. NO super bagging clothing or oversized t-shirts. We dance Barefoot on carpet. Socks are recommended or dance shoes/sandals. No street shoes. Yoga / workout clothing is perfect!
Level I: Intro to Tribal Belly Dance. Fundamentals of American Tribal Style® Belly Dance is focused on the empowerment of women from all walks of life and embraces the diversity of women and their bodies. Women of any age, size, or shape can enjoy learning to dance with this group of supportive women. Whether you want to learn belly dance for the exercise, to perform, or to just do something for yourself that is different, fun and exciting. Tribal belly dance is a great low-impact way to improve your posture and self confidence, plus develop core strength and flexibility. Students will learn foundation belly dance movements and combinations in the FCBD® format using slow movements and fast steps focusing on group improvisation. We will get you dancing in your first class!
ATS Level 2 Combinations. After completing Fundamentals, this class teaches the basic combination dance steps. The movements learned in Level 1 are put together for beautiful combination steps. Emphasis in the class will be on transitions, correct posture plus lots of practice for dancing with other members.
ATS  Level 3 After completing Intro to American Tribal Style Belly Dance and Level 2 Combinations we offer Level 3.   This class teaches more complex dance steps & combinations. Open to Students who have completed Level 1 & Level 2. Students who are looking to perform & practice formations, chorus line & musicality. Instructor approved members only. Emphasis in the class will be on transitions, correct posture plus lots of practice for improvisational dancing with other members. We also rehearse for performances.
Strength & Conditioning Class! We will drill, drill, drill & work our whole body to gain strength, control, balance, flexibility & range of motion. Technique & creating Illusions will be a focus of this class. We will work our arms to be powerful & graceful. Balance through level changes & fast turns to hold excellent posture & display a strong powerful controlled form. Other movements & technique we will discuss & drill may include shimmies, spins, laybacks, drops & working with energy. I will modify steps & movements for those with limitations or injuries.
Learn ways to share energy & connection with other dancers. Also on checking in, not out to make sure you’re matching with other dance partners. Musicality, stage presence, timing & expression will be explored as well. This series will be fun and informative but you will sweat. We will be working with a basic vocabulary of belly dance steps and movements. I respect & welcome all genre of belly dance & ask that we work together to explore each other’s movements. This class is open to all level and ability of Dancer, Monthly tuition is $50 or you may do a drop-in class for $15 at any time during the month. Please RSVP if attending. I offer a multiple class discounts. For those who are interested in specifically learning ATS® or Floorwork, I recommend taking my strength class. It is important to get the conditioning needed for success.