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Classes $15.00/ Drop-Ins Welcome
Monthly $50
2 Classes a week- $80

Private lessons are available & start at $30

Blue Moon Haven Class Schedule


6-7pm - ATS Belly Dance Intro Class - Beginning American Tribal Belly Dance
7-8pm - Level 2 ATS - Strength & Conditioning for Dancers
8-9pm - Level 3 ATS

5400 W. Franklin St.Boise, ID 83705

Blue Moon Haven Schedule of Events and Classes

What to Wear

Equipping yourself with the necessary gear and material is very crucial to performing any sport or recreation correctly. Belly dancing, requires you to be comfortable at all times, this would help the body to move very freely.

On that note we require that whenever you are coming for lessons, you always wear comfortable clothing that aids easy movement. Examples of the recommended clothing include; Yoga or work out pants, sports bra, fitted tank top, or fitted t-shirt are preferable. Wearing a short skirt over leggings and a hip scarf, belt or sash is welcomed also.

Always make sure that whatever clothing students decides to put on should not block the visibility of their  body alignment and knees, super baggy clothing or oversized t-shirts are not allowed.

Considering the fact that we dance a lot, make sure you something you… can move around freely in; either bare feet, dance shoes, ballet slippers, foot undies, sandals or socks are all acceptable foot attire.